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World Cup 2018 Trading Cards



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... AND at the EVENT!

The cards will be available on sale during the tournament, accepting both cash and card payments!

Join the fun with trading and collecting your favourite teams and all-star players, get them to sign their cards and bring home a memento of what is going to be an unforgettable event!

 WORLD CUP CARDS are here!

We are incredibly proud to be working alongside the IQA on the most important event in the quidditch calendar - the World Cup! For this special occasion, we have prepared the biggest trading cards set to date, featuring over 500 unique cards, spanning across players of all of the twenty nine attending nations, volunteers, tournament organisers and the ever popular rare joke-cards.

Available ONLINE...

You can preorder your packs now, to have them waiting for you at the tournament. Postage delivery is also available if you are unable to attend the tournament - but do note that such orders will be fulfilled after the event.

Each pack will contain 10 randomly selected cards and every 5th pack comes free!