Durham's The summer cup 2015

1 sets of BlueHawks with Nests

"We have been using BlueHawks in training for the last year and they have been absolutely fantastic. They are very simple to use and set up. They require no maintenance. They have survived some serious abuse from both the elements and from the sport itself. BlueHawks are a huge improvement on our previous hoops and have made training easier and safer." - Emily Hayes, Oxford Quidlings Captain

Flying With BlueHawk bespoke service, Trading Cards and e-commerce

"Bluehawk were a dream to work with. Everything we asked of them they did in a timely and professional manner. The trading cards they produced for us were of excellent quality and Bluehawk handled all aspects of the process for us, which was phenomenally useful for the whole organisation of the tournament. They are a great source of expertise on all things Quidditch related. 10/10 would recommend." - Livia Higgins, Tournament Director

oxford university quidditch club

5 sets of BlueHawks with Nests

"BlueHawks represented a sturdy, easily-maintained, and professional-looking standard of hoops which catered well to a high-level, competitive event. These are safe and dependable pieces of equipment which currently represent the pinnacle of hoop design in Europe." - James Burnett, Tournament Director

British quidditch cup 2014-2015

1 set of BlueHawks with Nests, for use on pitch 1 throughout the weekend and for the final

"I feel like the hoops used on pitch one were of good quality. They never needed replacement and performed excellently on both days. It may have been partially due to luck (no one ran/was pushed into them) but I really feel like they were more than appropriate for the caliber of the event, especially if compared to the equipment present at other tournaments I've attended." - Jacopo Sartori, Pitch 1 Manager

European quidditch cup 2015

Whiteknights the third

2 sets of BlueHawks, 1 set of BlueHawk Nests

"They worked really well, the bases are great and there were a lot less breakages than at BQC." - Lee Baughan, Tournament Director

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